Sharing My Passion of Wine With You

I haven’t always had a passion for wine.  Years ago, I used to own a cheese company. While at the Farmer’s Market one Wednesday afternoon, one of our clients invited me to attend a wine education course at a local winery and asked that I bring some cheese to share with everyone.  I thought it […]

The Peanut Butter Sandwich You Can’t Live Without!

Ponder this….. A proverbial fountain of purple pageantry. A potable piece of perfection poised to pique your curiosity. A paragon of playful purpletude packed with a passel of perky, positively pleasing grape-popsicley flavor. A protest against pious pundits and prognosticators? Possibly…. (Professor Peabody’s Purple Potion) Growing up, I remember my mom making us peanut butter […]

A List of Haunted Wineries

With Halloween less than 48 hours away, I can’t help but think of haunted houses and trick-or-treaters.  Just today my little niece modeled her princess costume for me, complete with tiara!  But what about adult Halloween get-a-ways?  I’m thinking visiting Haunted Wineries with little bottles of wine clicking in my treat bag is a PERFECT […]

How did you rate your wine?

One of the thing that fascinates me is the amount of importance some wine enthusiasts place on the rating a wine received.  Here’s the thing, I get it.  You seek guidance.  You want to know that you’re not wasting your time tasting an “inferior” wine when you could be sipping a “superior” one.  You want […]

Which Wine Should I Buy

I am blessed in that I know a lot of people and that many of those people are my friends.  I see them around town, on Facebook, and at random events. Eventually we’ll start talking about wines and eventually I’m asked the ever so popular question…. “but how do I know which wine I should […]

Welcome back to Vines!

I recently had the pleasure of attending a wonderful mixer and re-introduction to the Vines Restaurant right here in our own backyard at the Hyatt Regency Valencia.  Barry Prescott, General Manager, produced an event that struck a perfect balance between good food, good drinks and good people.  If you find yourself in the Santa Clarita […]