What does $150 buy you?

After a long day, I came home to a bottle of Agua Dulce Vineyards 2001 Aneas Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon that a friend brought over to share with my roommate. At first hesitated to accept a glass, I mean he did bring it over to share with her, right? But, who am I to turn down a glass of wine – especially one I’ve never tried before? On first pour, we were greeted with a closed wine exhibiting the pungent aroma of acid. It definitely had to set for a bit. After 20 minutes, the wine opened up rather nicely. The sweet aroma of fruit beckoned – cherries and blackberries with an slight undertone of dark chocolate. The taste much more complex, much drier than the aroma foretold, but not overwhelming at all. I’ve tried wines where the tannins dominated, but that’s not the case with this wine — it very nice actually, with flavors of black currant and dark cherries. My friend mentioned that this bottle sells for about $150.00 — a little research proved that he was right. If I had $150 to spend on a single bottle of wine, would I buy this one? Probably not, I can’t afford it! But if someone else were pouring, I wouldn’t mind a glass or two!!! Cheers to you, TC,  for the sharing this wonderful wine with us!!

Westerly Knows!

Originally written: June 3, 2008

Tonight was a perfect night! An evening under the stars, on the balcony with two hookahs and a bottle of Westerly’s 2006 Sauvingon Blanc — our homework! When you open the bottle, you are greeted with the pleasant smell of apricots, pineapple, melon. QM and I really didn’t think much about analyzing it, but rather simply enjoyed it over a discussion of relationships, futures and those odd creatures we refer to as MEN! We wondered why men couldn’t be more like this bottle — simple yet refreshing, enjoyable without any drama, yet able to stand on its own with powerful flavors, mint, cherry and watermelon in our hookahs.

A toast to the Wine Maker at Westerly for allowing us the opportunity to encapsulate this evening in a bottle!

2005 Crescendo Hills Bangin Red

Originally written: May 9, 2008

Bangin Red

The other night I brought home a bottle of 2005 Bangin Red by Crescendo Hills Vineyard to taste. We opened the bottle and knew immediately that this would be heaven — the smells of chocolate and berries overcame our senses. When you tasted it, your were greeted with a fruit-forward, yet well balanced wine that left lingering traces of chocolate. Inspired, Vanessa came up with an AMAZING lamb recipe to serve as a compliment. Below is her recipe:

Lamb with a Cherry Sauce:

  • Lamb seared medium rare, remove from pan – slice
  • To pan, add 1/3 cup pomegranate tea (or juice) and 1/4 cup of dried cherries, simmer until you are able to lift/scrape the remnants of the Lamb from the bottom of the pan (those little brown bits)
  • Once scraped, add 3 tbsp of Port, 2 tbsp of lime juice, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar and 1/4c chicken stock. Let everything come together until it reduces into a light sauce.
  • Pour sauce over lamb and serve