How Wine Tasting Can Change Your Life in the New Year

Have you taken a moment to stop and identify your goals for the New Year?  If you’re like me, you’ve had every intention to set your goals, but somehow you lose sight of them.  So this year, I’ve resolved to make sure that I focus on my goals and start living the life I was meant to live.  Of course, I can’t do this without wine!  Wine plays an important part in my life, it represents my passions and my thoughts, so I turned to wine to teach me what I need for the new year.

There is so much wine, and so little time.  We taste and taste, and then we have difficultly describing what we taste and what it was that we tasted.  This is what it is like for me when I make my new years resolution.  Every year, I make so many of them, that I lose track of what they were or why I made them.  This year, I’ve only made one resolution – I’m going to do things different.  This is my plan…

Setting the Scene

When we are wine tasting, the circumstance in which we taste affect our judgement.  Is it a good day? A bad day? Do you like where you are at?  Do you like who you are sharing this experience with?  If all of the factors are aligned in a positive direction, chances are that you’ll have a more favorable impression of the wine you are tasting.  Conversely, if it’s negative, no matter how good the wine is, chances are that you won’t think of it in a favorable light.  Goals are no different.

When life seems to be going in a positive direction, our goals are more aligned with positive thoughts because they stem from positive experience.  When life is not so great, then our goals tend to revolve around change.  Change isn’t always easy, so set the scene for yourself.  Before identifying your goals, identify what you would like your scene to be next year.

What does it look like?

Setting your scene takes reflection.  Much like wine tasting, we are told to stop and look at the color of the wine.  If you look closely enough, you can get a better idea of the age of wine.  Is it bright and vibrant or is it dull and brown?  I’ll give you one guess on which represents youth vs age.  When you are setting the scene for your goals, what does it look like to you?  Write that down.  Picture it.  Remember it.  Live it.

list-800759_640Get in there and Sniff and Taste

I once read, that life is experienced through our senses, and I believe this.  I like to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Wine tasting is exactly all of those things.  It’s the look of the wine, the sound of the story behind it, the taste of it, the mouth feel and the aromas.  It is an all encompassing experience of the senses.  So life should be the same.  Get in there and be a part of life, don’t just watch it pass you by.  So what if some of the experiences aren’t what you thought, or are scary, or different.  At least you experienced it, and you lived to tell about it.  I read a post on Facebook this morning that read: “It’s time to start living the life you imagined”.  This year, I’m jumping in and going to start doing just that.  Like you, I have dreams, and it’s time to make them happen.

Good Wines Finish Last

The finish of a wine is the amount of time the aroma and the flavor remain in your mouth after you swallow.  All factors being equal, the wine that is usually the better wine, is the one with a long finish.  It’s memorable, durable, lasting.  Life, next year, needs to be the same.   Build strong foundations and work at making relationships last, whether in business or personal.  Be memorable and plan on making it a lasting finish, because once we start, there is not stopping us!

The End… But Really the Beginning

Karen MacNeil, author of The Wine Bible, and inspiration for this piece, as I’m currently reading her book (again), writes on the art of mastering wine.  She explains that she wrote this section of her book knowing that some would breeze through it looking only for the juicy parts. “But the truth is that a really intimate knowledge of anything necessarily beings with the fundamentals of that thing.  With wine, I’d even go one step further and say that the capacity for pleasure — the capacity to be thrilled by wine — is ineluctably tied to understanding it in all its most basic naked details.  Anyone can drink good wines and anyone wealthy enough can drink rare, super expensive wines.  But without knowledge, the soulful, satisfying part of the experience is lost.”

Life, is the same.  We are intimately knowledgeable about our own lives, but we tend to focus on the things that, sometimes, aren’t the ones that will let us live the lives we dream about.  So this year, let’s be thrilled by our own lives and remain focused.  Let’s take the time to find somewhere comfortable and reflect on life over this past year and identify the life we want next year.  Be clear, write it down, start living that way right now.  Review notes daily, make changes as necessary and really get in there and live that life with all of our senses.  Let’s leave an impact on not only another’s life, but on our own.  And, let’s remember that when one season comes to an end, it represents the beginning of the next one.

This is my resolution.  What’s yours?