I’m walking to the nearest winery.

So on occasion, and I use that term loosely, I go to the gym.  I know I should go more often, and I’m working on it, but fortunately for me, that’s not the reason for my post.  (See how cleverly I can get out of it?)  Anyways, my gym membership is to a local all woman’s fitness center who has come up with a unique way to motivate their members to work out by issuing challenges.  This month’s challenge is to walk 75 miles on the treadmill, essentially the distance from the gym to Santa Barbara.  Every member who completes the 75 miles will be entered into a drawing for a night out on the town, complete with limousine and dinner at one of Santa Barbara’s hot spots.

Here it is, day 12 of the month, and I join the challenge.  Corey, the gym’s only consistent piece of eye candy – and all around great guy – explained the challenge to me.  I told him that the reality of me making it to Santa Barbara was that it wasn’t going to happen, but that I would go ahead and track mileage.  Yesterday I completed a whopping 1.3 miles, and at this rate, I’d be happy to make it onto the 5 freeway.   Corey encourage me to shoot for Filmore, which is much closer, albeit not really a “destination” location.

So here’s the compromise, I’ll just walk to the closest winery! :)  Giessinger Winery happens to be 23.2 miles away, and is located in Fillmore.  If I complete the challenge, then I will treat myself to a tasting there — Lord, I hope their wine is worth it.  And, if I don’t complete my challenge, well then I may just go there anyways.  Who wants to come with me?

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