Stabbing your Ex — and other things to do with cutlery…

Little known fact about me is that I’m kind of a foodie — by that I mean that I enjoy cooking and I actually think I’m pretty good at it.  But I don’t only enjoy cooking, I enjoy exploring new recipes, learning new techniques (because I don’t know that many) and trying new foods.  The reason I bring this up is because I was only this evening looking for a good and affordable set of cutlery.  So of course, after traversing through one of my favorite web sites – Food Network — I opted to check out — where I came across a unique set designed by Italian designer Raffaele Ianello.  Who is Raffaele Ianello?  <shrug> beats me, but according to his website, he designs “cutting edge, ground breaking and thought provoking products” — I’ll say!  The design I saw that made me think WTF was this one:T10220048

Twisted right?  And get this — this is called “The Ex”!’s description reads:  “Though frowned upon by many, stabbing your ex can really give you some closure, although it’s often the kind of closure that leaves you closed for thirty to life.”  And it goes on to say that the set not only “makes a great gift for any occasion and it’s also considerably cheaper than therapy”  Like really?  I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed, or if I find it more funny than anything else — or maybe I should be disturbed about the fact that I find it funny???

So of course I had to do more research on this piece, along with others from Mr. Iannello.  I learned that The Ex has made its movie debut in Jim Carey’s Yes Man! And that Mr. Iannello also has another piece called The Five Finger Fillet which houses steak knives….


Crazy right?  All I know is that whereas I wouldn’t buy it for my kitchen, and no matter how twisted they are, they’re definitely conversational pieces that are pretty funny.  If however, you find that this is something that you would like for your kitchen, then check out or Mr. Iannello’s website at

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