The Peanut Butter Sandwich You Can’t Live Without!

Ponder this….. A proverbial fountain of purple pageantry. A potable piece of perfection poised to pique your curiosity. A paragon of playful purpletude packed with a passel of perky, positively pleasing grape-popsicley flavor. A protest against pious pundits and prognosticators? Possibly…. (Professor Peabody’s Purple Potion)

Growing up, I remember my mom making us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  It was probably one of the first sandwiches I learned how to make.  But over the years, it became pretty forgettable.  I have peanut butter, it’s in the pantry and as an adult, it has transitioned to become an ingredient in protein shakes.  Enter Purple.

Purple is a deliciously delicious wine made by Quady Winery of Madera, California.  I remember first trying it a few years back and immediately thinking this was liquid jelly. And what goes with jelly?  Peanut Butter!

So we’ve revamped the traditional PB&J sandwich and made it age appropriate for those of legal drink ing age, say Hello to the new and improved Deconstructed Peanut Butter Sandwiches with Purple Jelly Chasers!  This is what you need:

Deconstructed Peanut Butter Sandwich with Purple Jelly Chasers
Serves: varies
An age appropriate spin on the traditional PB&J for those over the age of 21!
  • 1 bottle of Purple by Quady Winery (available at
  • 2-3 English Muffins, toasted, but not too crunchy
  • Peanut Butter of your choice
  1. Open your bottle of Purple and taste a little bit, just to make sure you approve.
  2. Split the English Muffins in half, and then cut each slice into wedges.
  3. Spoon a big glob of Peanut Butter on to a serving dish.
  4. Pour your guests some Purple (remember, this is sweet, so about a 3 oz pour should be ok to start).
  5. Take an English Muffin wedge, drag it through the peanut butter and eat.
  6. Take a sip of Purple as a chaser.
  7. Repeat.


Let me know what you think!