Wine pairing & Recipe planning

Today I feel like my mind is just about everywhere — thinking about new possible ventures, exisiting work, relationship, things like that — but what I should be thinking about is what the heck are we going to serve at Sunday’s wine pairing linner?  In case you were wondering, “linner” is that meal that you fit in between lunch and dinner — in this case, the first course will be served somewhere around 2:30pm.

Last night I was reviewing some of my recipe books and everything looked delicious, as you can imagine.  But, it seemed that everything required extensive amounts of time in the oven — and since its still fairly HOT outside, the oven is probably one of the last appliances I’d like to turn on.

Which brings me to today, where I find myself glued to in search of inspiration and recipes for this Sunday.  I have no doubt that the menu will eventually be amazing — but, man, this planning has stumped me!  I did find one recipe by Bobby Flay that looks simple, delcious and gourmet enough to make the menu and its for Grilled Potato and Goat Cheese Napoleon With Balsamic-Basil Vinaigrette.  It sounds refreshing and fulfilling, and it can be served as one of our courses.  My next thought is a Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Mango sandwich which is also refreshing and smooth at the same time.   As for the other three courses, I’ll keep you posted!   Oh and the Wines?  What about the wines?  I’ll figure that out later too!

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